A Billionaire Says This Is The Important Reason He’s Successful

It’s not hustle or speeding up, but stillness.

Chloé Garnham


Jingming Pan

Ray Dalio makes his money as a hedge fund manager.

He founded an investment management firm in 1975 which went on to be the largest in the world.

He’s now estimated to be worth a cool $18 billion.

So the guy knows how to make money.

But he doesn’t credit his success to lifelong hustle, extreme productivity, education, or just downright luck — although those factors may well play a part.

He credits his success, not with speeding up, but with slowing down.

The single most important reason

Meditation, according to Ray, is the reason he’s where he is now.

He once said his meditation practice is, “the single most important reason for whatever success I’ve had.”

For 20 minutes, twice a day, Ray doesn’t think about the stock market, or running a global business, he stills his mind.

Specifically, Ray practices Transcendental Meditation — something he started doing after the Beatles studied TM in India in the 60s.

He claims that meditation has helped him think with more clarity and creativity.

“It is certainly the greatest gift I can give anyone,” he once wrote on Facebook.

He’s even widely recommended a book on the subject, Strength in Stillness, and made it accessible to all his employees.

Ksenia Makagonova

Prison inmates are less stressed on meditation

Ray’s experience isn’t a one-off. Meditation helps people globally to reduce stress and increase equanimity.

In one study, focussed specifically on transcendental meditation, 181 prison inmates with moderate- to high-risk criminal profiles were part of a study into the benefits of meditation.

The results were profound.



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