How To Increase Mindfulness With Simple Habit Stacking

Use this simple method to become calmer and more present.

Chloé Garnham


Courtnie Tosana

Habit stacking is simple. And it’s growing in popularity.

To do it, you pair a new desired behavior with something you already do every day.

It works like this:

New behavior: [Example: I want to remember to take my medication every morning.]
Current behavior: [Example: I already brush my teeth every morning.]

To stack those habits together, place your medication right beside your toothbrush.

As soon as you’re done brushing your teeth, it’ll be much easier to remember to take your medication. Thus a new habit is formed.

More than productivity

Many people are using habit stacking to be more productive and successful.

For me, I’m using habit stacking to boost my mindfulness.

Mindfulness is probably the hardest thing to do on the planet — yet it might be the most important.

Even long-term meditators, who can still their minds for hours, cannot necessarily be mindful throughout their daily activities.



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