Increase Your Productivity By 120% — Just By Sitting

Here’s how to do it — and it’ll only take 20 minutes a day.

Chloé Garnham
2 min readFeb 24, 2023
Artem Beliaikin

Every morning, one of the most successful people in business, wakes, rises, and before looking at her phone, or reading emails, she sits — in silence.

Arianna Huffington’s productive morning routine starts not with work, but with meditation.

It’s something she wished she started earlier.

I wish I’d appreciated just how powerful it can be to introduce just five minutes of meditation to your day. — Arianna Huffington

She’s not alone.

Business people from previous LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, to Oprah Winfrey, and Lebron James meditate.

In Lebron’s words:

Meditating helps a lot for me personally with taking a lot of deep breaths, closing my eyes and just centering myself and listening to my inner self… That definitely is something that keeps me sane in the bubble. — Lebron James

And besides its many other benefits, it appears meditation can supercharge your productivity.

120% increase in productivity

It’s actually been known for decades that meditation has an impact on productivity. Back in…



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