Meetings Suck For Introverts. Here’s How To Pivot & Innovate Better

Borrow it. Steal it. Make it better. Do anything but keep meetings as they are.

Chloé Garnham


I’ve seen it time and again.

The loudest people in meetings often have the worst ideas.

They’re also often the least likely to follow through.

On the flip side, the quiet guy in the corner might be the one who can come up with something game-changing.

Problem is, he never gets a chance to speak or share his ideas.

To be truly innovative, you have to give every team member the chance to shine.

That means giving introverts, people who don’t brainstorm effectively in groups, people who are less senior, and those who have less dominant personalities a chance to speak and share.

Unfortunately, ideation meetings currently run on ego and inefficiency.

The typical model sucks

Everyone turns up at least five minutes late.

We talk about the weather and school drop-off for another five.

That’s ten minutes of everyone’s time wasted.

The main speaker throws out a question:

“What shall we do about our SEO issues?”

Two extroverts in the group (who once knew someone who did SEO) start coming up with answers.

That’s all well and good, but should we hear from someone else? Maybe someone who came to the meeting with a list of ideas? Or someone who’s actually specialized in SEO?


Let’s just let the chatty people in the group take up air for the next twenty minutes until the time runs out and everyone has to rush off.

As I said, the typical model sucks (and it’s a big part of the reason I love working for myself).

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