You Don’t Need Permission To Live A Wonderful Life

But here’s your permission slip anyway.

Chloé Garnham
3 min readSep 13, 2022


Most of us seem to have missed the memo.

Either that or we’ve forgotten as we’ve grown up.

The truth is: your life belongs to you.

You’re here to live a wonderful, joy-filled life of the things that you love.

You don’t need permission to do the things you want to

Yet most of us fall into a trap of living life for everyone else.

We don’t follow our passions and instead opt for things that are acceptable, that won’t make us stand out too much, and things that help us avoid judgment or difference at all costs.

This is why creative people often fall into boring office jobs. Why singers wind up working in cafes. And why you might be living a life that doesn’t inspire you.

Life isn’t supposed to be like that.

You have unique talents for a reason

Your differences are what make you interesting.

The reason that you may feel as though you don't fit a cookie-cutter life is that you didn’t come out of a cookie-cutter.

You have life experiences, passions, interests, talents, curiosities, and so much more.

We all have something unique to offer the world.

Holding those talents back doesn’t just harm us, it holds the rest of the world back too.

The problem is: we’re all waiting for permission to shine

Subtle conditioning and a desire to fit in are the reason that we wait for permission to be ourselves, rather than going ahead and doing it.

The truth is, you can give yourself permission.

And when you do, you’ll begin to forge your own path of wonderful and interesting things.

That might just mean spending more time doing what you love. Painting on your weekends. Surfing in the mornings. Creating short videos for Instragam every day (which I just started doing).



Chloé Garnham

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